Kareena is a MANGA girl!

Kareena is a MANGA girl

How I turned Kareena into a MANGA girl – the tutorial coming up pretty soon…!!


Animation, India and me…

In a country that holds the record (and probably even betters it every year) for the most no of movies produced annually, it is sad to note that very few films are made that are actually targeted at a younger audience. This week itself I finished four of Spielberg’s brilliant movies – the Back to the Future trilogy and E.T. and had to conclude that we are at least 20-25 years behind our US counterparts in this genre alone.

We don’t have a Disney, we don’t have the Warner Brothers, we don’t even have Spielberg. But we do have the Chopras and the Johars who will unnecessarily raise the budget of a simple drama that could have well been made in a quarter of their actual expense by shooting at airy fairy locations and casting a shitload of overactors. If I strain my memory, I am sad to say that I can only recall ‘Makdi’ and ‘Koi Mill Gaya’ in the recent 5-10 years span apart from a few mindless 3-D films in this genre. And there was Krrish, but don’t let me get started on that.

I suspect I may have missed out on a few less publicised and intended-for-Doordarshan films which may have been released during this period, but I believe they were quite forgettable too. TV is no good too, and as I say it, a string of utterly laughable attempts at creating ‘the first Indian Superhero’ passes my mind, need I even quote them? In the recent past however, there have been attempts. Attempts that are really primitive and low budget.

It beats me why our not-so-imaginative lot of producers have failed to capitalize on this opportunity, when the potential market is tremendous – KMG’s success proves it. What amazes me the most is the fact that after KMG, there were no followers at all in an industry that’s predominantly presets-based. One would have thought that the copycats would stand up and take note, and the audience would be given a healthy dose of cheap imitations of hollywood blockbusters. But it seems like even the copycats were also sleeping. Or else, KMG did not offer as much reward/risk as the stereotype, formula-based dramas do for them.

Also in its infancy is the animated films market. In recent years, some really well done , fully animated TVCs have come up but they haven’t grown-up into full-length feature films. All we got was Hanuman. A completely forgettable attempt. They could have done so much with the story and the financial support (it was produced by Sahara ONE) but all they could come up was a primitive looking film. It reminded me of Jungle Book (and that used to be aired some 15 yrs back) in terms of technique. And very recently ‘Krishna’ was released which was, again, and I have been repeatedly using this word for the lack of a more suitable word primitive. I mean, gimme some time guys (say 1-2 years) and I’ll produce such films in my backyard.

And yeah, I also read somewhere that big US studios have starded outsourcing their animation/Special FX works to studios in India. What a pity. I mean, there is no dearth of talent, and there is no dearth of financial aid then what is holding us back? If creative challenges drive you, you got them in plenty. If potential markets drive you, this can well be the biggest sure-shot earners in the industry (and of course you can follow-up the success with merchandise and all). And yet we are holding back. Perhaps waiting for me 😉